About Us
SOUNDFINDER is a record shopping mall which consists of various famous record shops in Japan. We will guide you on how to purchase records in our shops from foreign countries.
How to Purchase
After receiving your order, our customer support center will purchase records from the record shops participating in SOUNDFINDER and send you the records. To buy the records, fill in the blanks of the form below and click gorderh.
We will contact the record shops to confirm the availability of the records and inform you the total price including the shipping cost and commission after your order is placed. The commission will be 15 percent of the total price of the records and shipping cost. In case the records ordered are not available, we will let you know as soon as possible. Please understand that change or cancellation of the order after you click gsubmith in the order confirmation page are not permitted.
The Terms of Payment
SOUNDFINDER accepts payments only through PAYPAL in Japanese Yen. Please pay the amount billed. (We are currently preparing to allow payment by credit card and will inform you as soon as it is ready.)
The applicable exchange rate will be the rate under PAYPAL.
The records are shipped through insured mail after confirmation of your payment. Please also understand that in cases where records are purchased from multiple record shops, there may be multiple shipping costs charged because each record is shipped from difference record shops.
Return Products
We will only accept product returns only in the following cases:
1. Delivery of records you did not order.
2. Existence of inferior points which were not stated in the Item Detail page.
3. Existence of sound jumps caused by cracks or warps on the records.
To return the product, please send an e-mail to info@soundfinder.jp within 7 days after delivery.

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